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We offer professional and functional terrariums,
 which also provide ideal decorations

for homes and companies.

Each terrarium we create is a custom-made product,
which makes it  unique and exclusive.
Please take a look at our gallery.


We believe that only treating the terrarium as an element
 of nature allows our animals a peaceful and healthy life,
giving us great joy in observing this microclimate.
 We want to show others how terrarium
can be beautiful and at the same time a responsible passion.

The order process

The ordering process is very simple .
Just contact us via e-mail or telephone

and give us your requinments .

If you do not have specific ideas
and just want to find a professional home for your pet,
just let us know and our adviser
will provide you with the necessary knowledge

about what is required
 for your specific species.


We will suggest several possible

choices and endeavor

to provide you with a project and quote

with in 24 hours.

If you choose to accept the project and quote,
both parties will sign a contract and 

a deposit of 20% will allow me

production process start.


From that moment on ,

we are in constant contact with you ,

providing regular updates regarding

the construction process.

The duration of your project depends on its complexity.


Standard : Structural background

                          Natural decoration


                    Hydro and thermometre



Exclusive  :  Custom habitats

                            Misting system




    Delivery  around:

Cambridgeshire ,

Lincolshire , Norfolk - West Norfolk


For Free 

Over 50 miles extra cost

 1 Year Guarantee + After the first year free service - cleaning - desinfestion.




Designing terrariums -vivariums - paludariums


to the customers specification.

Sales of ready made :





terrarium in bottle.


Design and construction

of shelves

for reptile breeders.

Buildings and equipment

of open recessed space in your 

home or office

( under the stairs 

in the lobby etc. )

Arrangement and full set up 

of terrariums 

in Vintage furniture

unique projects

(Renovation the furniture with

chalk paints and waxing)


Service and habitat


Zoo , Reptile Park etc.


Creating Natural background

2D and 3D 


Natural decorations

Renovation of used terrariums ,

repair of damaged elements of the decoration , change of interior design

in your own 

tank or furniture.